Esha(Robabeh) Sadr Eshkevari

Birth 1983, Works and Lives in Tehran, Iran


Personal Information






Invisible Red Line: in Iranian Cinema

PhD Theatre-Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Cultural, Theatre and Cinema Studies and Czech language and History program Art and Philosophy, Charles University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic



Selected classical and modern tragedy structures: a comparative study

MA in Dramatic literature Art and Architecture, Azad University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


۲۰۰۲-۲۰۰۶ BSc in Electrical Engineering

۱۹۹۴-۲۰۰۱ Guidance School and High School discipline, National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET), Gilan, Iran



 Performer “Circle”, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

  1. Co-Performer, “An Agreement’s Document” by Ramin Etemadi Bozorg, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran
  2. Performer “Hippolyt II”, Goosan Artistic Group Performance, ITI Germany, Berlin, Germany
  3. Performer “Hippolyt II”, Goosan Artistic Group Performance, Central Stage, CA, USA (three times)
  4. Performer “Hippolyt”, Goosan Artistic Group Performance, University Paris8, Paris, France
  5. Performer “Hippolyt”, Goosan Artistic Group Performance, Private, Tehran, Iran (two times)
  6. Co-Performer, “I AM AN ARTIST” by Ramin Etemadi Bozorg, Gilgamesh atelier, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۳. Co-Performer, “Resistance” by Ramin Etemadi Bozorg, Fishponds center, Firuzkuh, Iran


Films/ Videos/ Media

۲۰۱۲-Now “Little Confessions of Life” Video Art Series

  1. “Artist at Work: Vis o Ramin” Video at VIS O RAMIN Sculpture Exhibition, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  2. “Resistance” Video-Performance, Fishponds center, Firuzkuh, Iran
  3. “Memory Disorder” Video-Performance, East Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Selected Talks

 “Methodology of Hippolyt performance”, Esha Sadr & Ramin Etemadi Bozorg, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Upcoming on 24 February

  1. “Concept Studio: Self, Video Art & Festivals”, Idea School, Tehran, Iran
  2. “What are they weaving in Tehran?” International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures”, Free University, Berlin, Germany
  3. “How DO I Apply”, Tiwa Art Institute, Karaj, Iran
  4. “Hippolyt Performance Art”, ITI Germany, Berlin, Germany
  5. “Hippolyt Performance Art”, University Paris 8, Paris, France

۲۰۱۱.”Iranian Cinema: A Pathological Assessment of Origins, Trends, and Perspectives with Special Emphasis on Women”

  1. “Mealiest Cinema: Iranian Cinema, the Invisible Lines”, Art & Philosophy, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  2. “Franz Kafka‘s unfinished writings”, Art & Philosophy, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  3. “Selected classical and modern tragedy structures: a comparative study, (Faculty of Art and Architecture 2008, Faculty Art and Philosophy Prague 2010)


Selected Screen Plays

 Screenwriter “Newsboy” ۱۰۰ min Drama Film, Sadra Film Co. Persian, Iran

  1. Researcher and Screenwriter “Cyrus the Great Cambyses and Xerxes I” Animation-Three logy, Sadra Film Co. Persian. Iran
  2. Researcher and Writer “Women in Charge”, Sadra Film Co. English-Persian. Iran-Italy
  3. Scriptwriter “SUTERMAN” Animation Series, KirmiziKarga Co. English-Turkish, Iran-Turkey
  4. Researcher and Scriptwriter, “Garden of Eden” Documentary movie, Sadra Film Co. English-Persian, Iran

۲۰۱۰-۲۰۱۱. Scriptwriter “Azura” (The Blue-Sky) 100min movie, English-French, France-Czech Republic

  1. Script and Product “A requiem for sun” Documentary movie, Persian with English subtitle, Iran
  2. Scriptwriter “Caspian Sea tale” Drama Film-Three logy, Persian, Iran
  3. Scriptwriter “Tell my mother; “The wind has taken away my black shirt” Drama Short movie, Iran
  4. Scriptwriter “Black & White” Short movie, Persian, Iran

۲۰۱۱- Researcher and Writer, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Vienna, Austria (Not continually)

۲۰۰۷-۲۰۱۰ SADRA Film Co.

۲۰۰۵-۲۰۱۰ Parto Film Gostar Co.


Artist Resicency

 ۲۰۱۵ ITI, Berlin, Germany


۲۰۱۴ Cite des Arts, Paris, France

۲۰۱۴ Diaspora Art Connection, SF, USA



Selected Lectures

۲۰۱۵. “Concept Studio: Self, Video Arts & Festivals”, Idea School, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۵. “How to Apply for Arts”, Charsoo Art Institute, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۵. “Artistic Proposal”, Charsoo Art Institute, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۳-۲۰۱۵ “Methodology of Research”, Art & Architecture University, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۳-۲۰۱۴ “History of Philosophy”, Art & Architecture University, Tehran, Iran

  1. “How to write”, University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

۲۰۱۰. Department of Oriental Language, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


Selected Publication

۲۰۱۳-Now “Little Confessions of Life”, Persian-English

  1. “Infinitive Airports” Collected episodic stories, Persian
  2. Translator, “Letters summer 1926: Pasternak, Tsvetayeva and Rilke” (English to Persian)
  3. The episode “We were one Family” in “Confronting the Clash, The suppressed voices of Iran” English. USA
  4. “Discordant Murmurs” Collected stories, Persian, Hoonaar Pub. Iran
  5. Translator, the Play “Chinese Coffee” by Ira Lewis, (English to Persian), Iran

۲۰۱۲-Now Sharq Daily news paper

۲۰۱۱“TASIAN” International women poetry magazine


Selected Membership

۲۰۱۳-Now Goosan Artistic Group

  1. Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
  2. Beyhaqi Story Group



  1. Jury of the First BAYHAQI (Short Story Awards-Review 1111 stories)
  2. PhD Position at Oxford University in Film Studies
  3. “A requiem for sun” Film selected in Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival, November 2010 and won Diploma of Honor for Best social documentary film. (FebioFest Film Festival 2010 Prague)
  4. Selected writer in SSC (Short Story Competition Iranian students from all around the world)
  5. ۱st Rank Khwarizmi festival Rasht (Design a sun-panel), Gilan, Iran
  6. Selected in the 2nd stage of 9th Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics
  7. Honorary Diploma from 1st Persian literature awards of “grandmother and grandfather” Hamshahri Newspaper Tehran, Iran